Hey guys! I know I have been pretty inactive (on here, I post pretty regularly on my Instagram though, so you should definitely follow me, I might just follow you back!)

First, I will start off telling you about my photo-editing-history. When I first started doing photography I didn’t really have a photo-editing software, so I looked on the internet and found GIMP. Since I was on a tight budget and GIMP is free I downloaded that. I do not recommend this. At all. GIMP is basically a knock off of Lightroom, and it limits your possibilities down to basically nothing. Not to mention I probably got a crap ton of viruses due to that… Sorry mom.

When I really started doing photography I decided to look into Photoshop and Lightroom. I ended up getting the Creative Cloud package deal. Hands down the best thing I have ever done. That alone stepped up my photography game a ton.

Not long after I downloaded Lightroom I discovered the world of presets.

I haven’t bought any presets yet because I haven’t figured out which ones I absolutely love (currently looking at VSCO, any recommendations would be very welcome). So this post will be perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to or can’t spend on presets.

My favorite presets that I have found so far are the VSCO Inspired ones by Nate Photographic. These are literally my FAVORITE. I am going to put a few examples below so y’all can see which ones are my favorite!


img_6548This one is SP-06. This one is perfect for fall. It really brings out the orange and yellow tones.


This preset is the Sp-08, by far my favorite black and white preset in this package.


This one is SP-03, and it has to be my favorite overall. It is definitely the most versatile and I use it for a bunch of my pictures.


I also used SP-06 for this one, but I just love this preset so I couldn’t resist including this with this post.


For this one I used SP-09. All of the black and white presets are just stunning.


I also have a link where you can get 33 PRESETS FOR FREE. Like omg is that not the greatest thing ever? I am going to post my favorites below also.


First off, how unique is this preset? This is the preset “Skyfall”. I am not usually one for bringing up the greens but I love the way this looks. This preset isn’t very versatile in my opinion, but that keeps me from using it on every. single. photo.


This black and white preset is called “Prospect Park” and it is great for portrait, I love it on closer up portraits, it really brightens up the face!


I also used Prospect Park for this one!

The other presets I have downloaded from that site are Avocado Heights, Cinnamon Girl, Cold Fact, Guava Jelly, Into the Wild, Mensch Maschine, and Sincerely Yours. I have yet to use those but I can’t wait!!


That’s all I got for today, let me know what you think and if you have any presets you would like to share please feel free to do so!


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  1. Hey, thanks for the kind words and link to NATE Cam! Love your photos!

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