How to Earn Blog Sponsorships

Good afternoon guys! Today’s blog post is about, you guessed it, blog sponsorships!

At the beginning of the year I made a list of goals for 2017. I had a section of goals specifically for my blog and where I want to take that this year. Some of those goals are to: Get to 1k followers on Instagram (almost halfway there), start a YouTube channel (done), post on here at least once a week, make friends from my niche on social media, and to get at least one sponsorship.


So, in trying to mark that last one off my list, I sent an email to a company called Ollies Global (Instagram: @olliesglobal) I basically told them that I am a photographer/blogger that is looking for some sponsorships and wondered if they would be interested. They promptly replied saying that they are already paired with two photographers at the time and aren’t currently looking to add to that group but would keep my name on file if they ever changed their mind. So that was a bust but when looking for sponsors, the worst that could happen is they say no, so I would be crazy not to! Plus if they do respond then they know my name and have me in their system for future reference. So, there’s my first experience with asking for a sponsorship.

Then after my first experience I sent an email to Wanderer Bracelets (Instagram: @wandererbracelets) and basically said the same thing. Except this time since I have purchased one of their bracelets before, I threw that in there, for some extra brownie points. They got back to me and told me to contact one of their rep managers, so I did. That was about a week ago and so far I haven’t heard back from him, so I resent the email just in case it didn’t get seen!

Brand Repping

Another thing I do is rep for companies, I don’t have a ton of experience in this field but I hope to do more of this in the future. Basically if a company is looking for reps they are wanting  someone to represent their company and get them a bigger following from different areas. I am currently repping for Pura Vida Bracelets and Sand Cloud Towels! They are both really great companies and I love representing them and the causes they support. Plus, this is even better for you!

Bracelets I got from Pura Vida + my Wanderer Bracelts coordinate bracelet.
my Pura Vida bracelets (also feat. my Wanderer Bracelets coordinate bracelet)

I currently have a promo code for Pura Vida (you can visit their shop here) and use my promo code- AshlynShriver20 for 20% off of your order of $10 or more! They have so many options on their site, from bracelets to swimsuits and clothes to water bottles to jewelry! Every Pura Vida bracelet is hand crafted in Costa Rica and there are many options in their “Charity Collection” that donate to the charity that is specified (i.e. Save the Dolphins, Leukemia/Lymphoma Awareness, Baby Loss Awareness, Parkinson’s Disease Awareness, Allergy and Asthma Awareness, and so many more).  Please be sure to check out the many charities you can support today.

For Sand Cloud, I am currently working on getting my promo code, which I will post on here once I have it, but until then you can use this referral link! When you sign up with a new account you will receive 25% off your order! Sand Cloud Towels is another wonderful company I am proud to support. They support the protection of marine wildlife, more specifically they support The Surfrider Foundation,  the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, and San Diego Coastkeeper, all of which help protect marine wildlife. You can participate in beach clean ups or support each of these companies by purchasing through Sand Cloud Towels, they carry beach towels, jewelry, beanies, shirts and so much more!

I am always looking to find more companies to rep for and also for sponsorships. If you know of any companies that would be interested or if you have a company you would like me to rep for or if you would like to sponsor me send me an email or check out my Instagram (@theashgypsy)!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to read today’s blog post! Make sure to share with your friends!



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