Addison’s Fall Photoshoot

Recently I had the pleasure to shoot some fall themed photos with the amazing Addison Baker. She is working to get into modeling so we wanted to get a few photos for her portfolio, (if you want to contact Addison shoot me an email and I’ll hook y’all up). We were going for a boho styled shoot and she did a great job with her outfit choices. Originally we were going to go to the Martin Nature Park, but when I got there I thought about the fact that their Sunday hours are probably different than their week day hours! Which I was right and they closed at six o’clock, so I called Addi up and we decided to meet at Mitch Park. The shoot took place around 6:30 and the lighting was just perfect.

All of these photos are taken with my Canon Rebel T5i and my Yongnuo 50mm lens.

I hope you enjoy these photos, if you want to get together and take some photos email me at

img_5110 img_5152 img_5157 img_5127 img_5193 img_5428 img_5330 img_5058 img_5061 img_5063 img_5200img_5351

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  1. Excellent job Ashlyn! Seriously, your photography just keeps getting better and better!

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      Thank you so much, Traci!

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